Fucking Introduction

“Kids” these days means no retirement, broke, no house, debt, and baby-boomers who wonder how we can be so fucking lazy. Do you know how many of us have diagnosed mental illness? 1 in 5 Americans…1 in 5. Shit! I personally am one of the 1s. I have massive student loan debt and I rent.  We’re just trying to get by.

To be honest I got the name “FineSorts” because I had this vision of an etsy page. I made very cool little fascinators and hair accessories for women. Sort of a Victorian flare and I imagined hearing the question: What sorts of wares do you sell? and I would reply–fine sorts. No one bought anything…ever.

I still liked the name so much that I wanted to keep it and use it. So welcome to FineSorts. I don’t sell anything. I just try to figure out what the point of my life is while watching true crime tv shows and screening phone calls.